Saturday, November 2, 2013

a prayer

In our midsts
Would that WISDOM and
Stronger and steadier-
Nurturing our looks,
Values and Belief -
More than fear that
Feeds violence.


Spring is nowhere
In sight...

Cold spells and
Moody clouds

Permeate a climate
Displaying tantrums undisguised:

dandelions drooping,
sprigs turning brown,

sandals laying in wait,
tired boots wanting to retreat,

blackbirds crooning the blues...
when Winter overstays.


Listening, hear
The melody of Life;

Smelling, detect
Its bouquet;

Touching, feel
Its temperature;

Tasting, savour
Its flavor;

Moving, display
Its liberty, and

Seeing, recognize
Above all that the

Human -
In you, in me

In them is
The same

Thursday, October 3, 2013

from a clay of broken promises
one fashions a bowl of
new dreams.

tears roll with ease
on cheeks abandoned
by smile.

As living unfolds..

In the shadows
Who appears with

What and How
In tow while

Where roams
'Round n 'round

In a neighborhood
tempers rise
egos raging wild,
"Global WARming!"
Nature WARns.